The Viking Pub & Bakehouse will land in West Kirby next month so we’re getting to know the crew. Next up, it’s the Admiral, Charlotte Kemp.

Ahoy there Charlotte! First things first. Why did you call the pub The Viking?

Given the local history and all the Scandi things that have inspired our new  pub we pretty much had to!!! However, I have to say, the inspiration for our food and drink goes way beyond Scandinavia. We’ve been all over, literally invading everywhere – looking for the best things for our pub. We’re true Vikings in that way I guess!

Describe West Kirby’s new local in 3 words?

Sheepskins, beer, sharing. 

What’s going to be your usual tipple at the Viking?

Budvar Krausened. A Czech beer, naturally cloudy, crisp and light  beer perfect for supping in a garden. Hands down, the best 4% beer I have ever had.

What is the most Viking-esque thing you have ever done?

I once crashed a boat into a rock…

What dish are you most excited about on the Viking menu?

With Simon Rimmer and the amazing chef team involved all our food is exciting, but for me I love our fish dishes in honour of our sea faring namesakes. The hake is my favourite.

Name 10 Scandinavians in 30 seconds.. (without Googling)

Ulrika Johnson, Abba (is that 4?), Aha (is that 2?), Helena Christenson, Greta Garbo & Britt Ekland….

Are you from round here?

I live locally but I’m really a northern imposter – grew up in Northampton (famous for shoes and the only football team to go up 5 divisions and back down 5 in 10 seasons 🙂

What are you most excited about for your new pub adventure?

So many things! Meeting our new team and customers is my favourite aspect. We have a super Viking crew!

Charlotte’s Viking Rating = 1000% *Extra marks for boat crashing.

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