Inspired By Local History & A Scandi Way Of Doing Things

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the Viking Pub & Bakehouse to West Kirby, opening summer 2016. We have so much to share with you over the coming months. But first things first, here is a bit about The Viking. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin…

If You Know Your History

The Wirral area is considered to be the Viking capital of the British Isles. Their influence is a huge part of West Kirby culture and heritage. In fact, the word Kirby is an ‘Old Norse’ or Viking word for ‘settlement’.


Ingimund The Viking

The handsome chap on our logo above is the Norwegian Viking, Ingimund. He led the first Viking invasion on the East Coast and into West Kirby (The West Settlement) in AD902. History books inform us that he was probably unlikely to have a warm and smiley demeanour – So we decided to cheer him up… ever so slightly, and hang West Kirby’s number one Viking above our door.

It’s In Our Blood

A recent DNA survey showed that the Vikings are still here – with up to 50% of the DNA of men from Wirral and West Lancashire being Scandinavian in origin.  That’s 1000 years of Viking bloodline.  So if you were wondering why some local folks cast a ‘striking-viking’ resemblance to our Ingimund, then now you know why.


Fast forward to present day and our love of all things Scandinavian has never been stronger. Design, lifestyle, rugged freshness, a positive approach…and a little bit of Hygge (see below) make their way of life an inspiration to us all.

The Art Of Hygge 

Hard to explain, even harder to pronounce, the Danish word ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hooga’) translates roughly to ‘the art of cosiness’.  A bit like round here, the Scandinavian weather is pretty dreadful, which means folks are often indoors striving for cosiness (again, pretty familiar).

This cosy culture, the art of making the most of your space, underpins the reasons why Scandinavian interior design leads the world.

Hygge | Making The Most Of the People & Space Around You

There is no word or equivalent expression for hygge in English, but we see it as the art of getting cosy together, as a family or as a community.  Making the most of the people and space around you…. Sounds pretty good right? And it really struck a chord in our plans for the Viking Pub & Bakehouse.

Wonderful Things

The Viking Pub & Bakehouse is inspired by local history, community and the art of getting together in comfort. All these wonderful things play their part in your brand new local.

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Here’s to the Viking’s return

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